Netflix Series Rough Diamonds: Get to know about the Cast

Rough Diamonds, a new crime drama series, was recently introduced to Netflix. It was ranked No. 9 on the top 10 TV series list as of April 24, indicating that many people watch it. Let me know who you anticipate seeing in this show if you’re also excited to see it.

Rotem Shamir and Cecilia Verheyden are the minds behind the Belgian Netflix original series Rough Diamonds. The Wolfsons, a well-known Jewish Ultra-Orthodox family living in Antwerp’s diamond area, are the subject of an eight-part television series.

When the family’s youngest son commits suicide, his estranged brother Noah, who abandoned the orthodoxy to lead a life of crime in London, returns home to discover what led to the suicide. But when Noah gets to Antwerp, he finds out that the family business is in danger of failing. So Noah sets out to deal with internal conflicts while saving the family business and restoring its reputation.

Continue reading to learn more about the primary Rough Diamonds cast members responsible for bringing this divided family to life.

Netflix series Rough Diamonds Rough Diamonds Cast

Noah Wolfson By Kevin Janssens

As Noah Wolfson, Kevin Janssens is the star of the show. Noah had left the family business to pursue a life in London’s criminal underworld, but he later returned to safeguard his ancestors’ history and maintain the company.

The television series Koning van de wereld, The Emperor of Taste, De troon, Dag & nacht, Het goddelijke monster, Salamander, Vermist, and Over Water may be where you first saw Janssens. He also played The Ardennes, Revenge, Patrick, Close, The Chapel, and Black Lotus.

Eli By Robby Cleiren

Eli is one of Noah’s brothers, and Robby Cleiren plays him. It’s reasonable to say that when Noah returns to Antwerp, he isn’t overjoyed and doesn’t welcome him back.

Have you seen Robby Cleiren somewhere else? Among many other films, Cleiren is well-known for his work on Cordon, The Broken Circle Breakdown, Raven en Louise in het nauw, Undercover, Gina en Chantal, and Professor T.

Adina Glazer By Ini Massez

Playing Adina Glazer is Ini Massez. She is the first person Noah sees when he returns to his brother’s funeral, and she works to put him in touch with the rest of the family.

Have you seen Ini Massez anywhere else? Massez is renowned for performing in several films, including Ella, K3 en de kattenprins, Rusty, Familie, Please, Love Me, Salamander, and Buck.

Gila Wolfson By Marie Vinck

Marie Vinck plays Gila Wolfson. Gila, who was married to Yanki, is left to consider moving forward while safeguarding their family.

 Have you seen Marie Vinck anywhere else? Among other projects, Vinck has acted in De Rodenburgs, Loft, Ritual, Zuidflank, and The Emperor of Taste.

Tommy McCabe By Asper Knopf

Tommy McCabe, Noah’s son, is portrayed by Casper Knopf. Have you seen Casper Knopf anywhere else? Knopf is most recognized outside of Rough Diamonds for his role as the younger John 117 in the Paramount Plus adaptation of Halo. He played Harry Lawson in Our House, where he also appeared.

Yanki Wolfson By Vincent Van Sande

Yanki Wolfson, portrayed by Vincent Van Sande, is the brother who commits himself and brings his brother back to Antwerp. According to gossip, he allegedly racked up huge gambling debts with the wrong individuals.

Have you seen Vincent Van Sande anywhere else? Arcadia, Two Summers, Glad IJs, Darktown, and Mijn Slechtste Beste Vriendin are just a few of the films in which Van Sande has appeared.

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