20 Best Alternatives to Optimizely: For Better Optimizing Your Website

The proper tools for website optimization and real-time online analytics must be available to small and big enterprises. Making the best judgments about everything from product design to marketing to the design of your website will be challenging if you can’t rely on your A/B testing tool.

For A/B testing and multivariate testing, many online retailers use Optimizely. If Optimizely isn’t meeting your goals, there are other options. The 20 most fantastic and most economical Optimizely alternatives will be discussed in this post.

Let’s begin with Optimizely first!

What is Optimizely?

To enhance user experience with your website and apps, do A/B and multivariate testing using the well-known experimentation tool Optimizely. To get the best results, you may optimize your commerce campaigns and items with the help of our experimentation platform. Optimize is a tool to perform A/B testing on your website. Increase your conversion rate and enhance the customer experience you’re providing by using A/B testing. This all-inclusive A/B testing platform may aid you in making wiser business decisions. The tool is sufficient to meet commercial needs but also benefits smaller and mid-sized companies.


  • Offers a variety of options for A/B testing and variation testing
  • Versatile and scalable answer
  • Works for companies of every size and type
  • A complete answer for your digital goods, promotions, and commerce.


  • Smaller firms might need help to afford this pricey software solution.

Top Optimizely Alternatives for 2023

For your consideration, here are some of the top Optimizely alternatives.

1: Unbounce


Without coding experience, you can design high-converting landing pages using Unbounce, a classic page builder. It’s ideal for testing new ideas and conversion funnels because constructing landing pages is straightforward. The design features it provides right out of the gate are excellent and let you make sites look nice.

The platform has many pre-designed templates that make it simple to get started, and it also has an A/B testing function that enables you to compare various landing pages to determine which one performs the best. Unbounce also provides website optimization tools like popups and sticky bars. Additionally, they provide customer journey funnels and multi-page testing. Also, read Best Crackstreams Alternatives.

  • Price: Monthly plans begin at $99 per month.

2: VWO


With a complete set of features that you can use to increase your website’s conversion rate, VWO is unquestionably one of the best Optimizely substitutes available today. A/B testing, website personalization, heat maps, session replays, and user behavior analysis are all included in the VWO.

If you use VWO, you may do away with the requirement for several products because they have the entire suite of conversion rate optimization tools. The user interface of VWO is simple and quick, making experimentation simple and quick. The session recordings detail user interactions with your website and marketing efforts. VWO has everything you need to reach your goals, whether you’re a novice or an expert.

  • Price: Free to start. The next plan starts at $200 per month with annual billing.3

3: Dynamic Yield


This product is a versatile, all-in-one utility that is a decent Optimizely substitute for various uses. It offers behavioral messaging, A/B testing, personalization APIs, and optimization from a single platform. It includes one of the best A/B testing features and one of the most potent personalization engines. Its robust array of A/B testing options can be used to optimize your website, apps, etc.

Overall, it contains a variety of capabilities that combine to offer a complete solution to all your needs for personalization, targeting, and optimization. You can design distinctive campaigns with Dynamic Yield that help you stand out from the competition and increase user engagement. Also, read Best Vumoo Alternatives.

  • Price: Plans start at $2,000 per month.



Another top Optimizely alternative is, which provides various tools for improving conversion rates, including A/B testing, segmentation, personalization, multivariate testing, and multi-page trials. The platform is reliable and straightforward for many website optimization applications.

You can easily link Google Analytics or any website analytics provider with to analyze your experiments and campaign performance and launch personalized digital experiences utilizing analytics dimensions. supports a WYSIWYG visual editor and custom coding. is also one of the least expensive options to optimize.

  • Price: Starting at $99 per month

5: AB Tasty 


To help companies increase conversions and revenue on their website, product, and mobile apps, AB Tasty delivers AI-powered experimentation and personalization, feature management, and product optimization solutions. With 240 workers and ten offices worldwide, AB Tasty is a rapidly expanding firm that assists businesses in launching better products more quickly and expanding their customer base.

In addition, AB Tasty provides solutions for feature management, experimentation, and personalization to assist companies in launching better products more quickly and increasing revenues. By combining all these elements, product managers and marketers can benefit from the entire site optimization platform that AB Tasty provides.

  • Price: Consult with sales (there is no free plan)

6: Optmyzr


For analyzing and enhancing your Google Ads campaigns, this is one of the best Optimizely options. Unlike the two tools listed above, this tool is not an all-in-one experimental platform. You can use this to test various design elements and experiment with ideas for your advertising campaigns. Identifying the ad wording that generates the most conversions can help you optimize the performance of your campaign.

Its primary features include One-Click Optimizations, Data Insights, Report Builder, and Enhanced Scripts. It is a fantastic Optimizely substitute if you only need a tool for your Google Ads campaigns.

  • Price: Monthly plans begin at $499.

7: Crazy Egg


Another tool that combines a heat map and A/B testing is Crazy Egg. Although the visual editor is less reliable than alternative options, it still has an incredibly user-friendly interface that frees switching between recordings, reports, and test results. Since the results are presented in an approachable manner, anyone can compare several page versions without having to acquire new statistical knowledge.

Professional CROs might find the reports lacking, but you can export your data to a CSV file using the site. It does, however, offer A/B testing capabilities. And in comparison to other instruments, it is reasonably priced. Therefore, even if you must utilize Crazy Egg, you’ll probably still benefit. Also, read Best Hurawatch Alternatives

  • Price: Starting at $29 per month (paid yearly).

8: Mixpanel


With Mixpanel, you can understand your audience and get crucial details about their preferences and customer journey. You can better your audience’s online experience by understanding why and how they interact with your website. Additionally, it helps you optimize your website’s or mobile apps’ conversion rates.

Its robust analytics engine tracks users’ actions when they access your website or app. After that, it analyzes their actions and derives insights to assist you in refining the digital experience and client journey you offer. This product is a less expensive option for user analytics, but it needs all the tools for A/B testing. Small firms should still consider it.

  • Price: There is no charge for the starting plan. Paid packages begin at $89 per month.

9: SiteSpect 


One A/B testing solution that genuinely provides more comprehensive consumer and segmentation data is SiteSpect. SiteSpect users can select unique analytics dimensions they want to collect when running their experiments—think of dimensions like what products a user has purchased, what categories they’ve browsed, what they’ve searched for, and more.

SiteSpect is one of the better solutions for websites primarily targeted toward e-commerce and SaaS due to those configurable dimensions. Not to mention, the results dashboard for SiteSpect reflects the emphasis on more thorough analytics. Users can track more KPIs, events, conversion funnels, and user interactions during a test than winners and losers.

  • For price information, get in touch with SiteSpect.

10: Adobe Target

Adobe Target

Another excellent Optimizely alternative is Adobe Target. They represent the standard enterprise solution in the testing environment. They are one of the most potent systems in the market, as they claim. They offer all the standard A/B testing and multivariate testing you’d expect from an Optimizely substitute, along with omnichannel experimentation and personalization, AI-powered automation, and omnichannel testing.

The best users of this platform are big teams with significant expenditures. It permits website experimentation, email, mobile, and product optimization. Because Adobe Target is so expensive and enterprise-focused, many people have yet to use it too much. Still, if you fall into that category, it’s the most popular Optimizely option.

  • Contact the salesman for a price.

11: Instapage 


Another landing page optimization tool to optimize is Instapage. While it may not have all of the features of Optimizely, it is still one of the most excellent options for improving your landing pages and advertisements. You can utilize more than 200 pre-optimized landing page templates for your website that will convert well. You can also choose from over 33 million photos, 5,000 fonts, and other customization options.

Overall, it gives you a simple and adaptable solution to build highly optimized landing pages and increase conversions. Instapage, which must produce thousands of landing pages, is also a very effective conversion rate optimization choice for e-commerce websites.

  • Price: Plans begin at $149 per month.

12: Omniconvert


Another full-featured website optimization tool that we recommend for ecommerce businesses, and larger ones in particular, is Omniconvert. It is simpler to perform tests on many product pages at once because of their automation capabilities. Omniconvert is one of the few A/B testing programs emphasizing conversion and retention, even integrating customer survey capabilities into their optimization platform.

Because of its emphasis on analyzing, tracking, and nurturing your most significant clients and converting new ones, the product stands on its own as an alternative to Optimizely. This focus is evident in how Omniconvert perceives and markets its product as a tool for streamlining the customer journey. Also, read Best Youtube2mp3 Alternatives.

  • Price: A free plan is provided by Omniconvert. Paid packages begin at $324 per month.

13: Mutiny


By enhancing the user experience, Mutiny, an Optimizely alternative, helps you increase your website’s conversion rate. They started as a personalization platform with a dash of B2B flavor. They have AI in target recommendations and have just launched their A/B testing functionality.

Since they are primarily concerned with B2B, you generally don’t want to employ them if you own an online store. But this is arguably the most excellent substitute for Optimizely for B2B businesses wanting to optimize the customer journey from Google Ads to retention. Although it generally works best for large organizations, Mutiny is helpful for small businesses.

  • Price: Consult with sales

14: Apptimize


The only Optimizely alternative on our list designed explicitly for apps is Apptimize (thus the apt name). Their platform simplifies A/B testing across OTT, web, and mobile apps. Apptimize, in contrast to many of the A/B testing solutions, is designed for product teams rather than marketers. Apptimize, there is a focus on feature management.

This emphasis reflects support for omni-channel user journeys, cross-channel optimization, and new feature releases. Apptimize is the Optimizely substitute for optimizing an app or OTT. Through dynamic variables and code block experiments, Apptimize also enables you to test anything you can code, from search engines to how many steps should be in a conversion flow.

  • For price information, get in touch with Apptimize.

15: Conductrics


An Optimizely alternative, Conductrics, offers A/B testing, multivariate testing, on-page surveys, and personalization features. You can execute an A/B test with Conductrics and tailor a segment based on how users respond during the experiment. Unlike other AI-powered customization products, they give you total control and oversight over your personalization arms.

Since the start of the game, they have been among the most effective tools. They were cool before the AI craze, offering reinforcement learning and bandit algorithms to serve experiences to site users dynamically. They provide basic A/B testing to enhance your conversion funnels, as any experimentation platform would.

  • Price: Contact with sales

16: Google Optimize

Google Optimize

Without a Google product, this post about website optimization wouldn’t exist. You may test any website page with Google Optimize, Google’s answer to website and e-commerce A/B testing. The integration of Google Optimize, designed to function flawlessly with all the other Google products you use on your website, is its significant advantage.

This Product translates into simple Custom Objectives based on data and goals from Google Analytics and the choice to customize your tests for important Analytics Audiences. Although Google Optimize is free, a paid tier called Google Optimize 360 is also available. The 360 tier, created for enterprise websites, enables you to start for nothing and continue with the same solution regardless of how big your website grows.

  • Price: A free plan is available with Google Optimize. Inquire with them to get paid pricing.

17: Convertize 


Convertize is an A/B testing solution that meets industry standards and has all the plugins and functionality that Optimizely users use. The platform is made to be practical for regular business websites and to be reasonably priced. Users of Convertize have the option to add customization plugins to any page in addition to the visual editor. Dynamic text, geolocation, or notifications can be added to your content by dragging the widget to the appropriate area.

Convertize also has various tools that make A/B testing more straightforward and trustworthy. By dynamically managing your traffic, the Autopilot plugin prevents you from losing money by diverting users to a less functional version of your website.

  • Price: Convertize allows you to test up to 1,000,000 visitors with unlimited variations for just $499 per month, starting at just $49 for 20,000 visitors.

18: Kameleoon


Kameleoon is a powerful tool for A/B testing and web personalization that aids marketers and product owners in enhancing their online user experience, boosting conversion rates, and raise digital profits. By basing UX decisions on the trustworthy data obtained from the A/B experimentation, marketing professionals can give visitors a unique experience.

 A potent AI engine that monitors visitor activities and foretells their chances of converting is built into Kameleoon. The available graphical tools can create obtrusive experiences, but users must first add one line of JavaScript code and then configure their plans without using tags. The most innovative IT infrastructure is also used to implement Kameleoon, enabling real-time performance, activities, and stability.

  • For price details, get in touch with Kameleoon.

19: Monetate


To assist ecommerce stores in determining which offers, design cues and messaging will be appealing to their specific audience, Monetate uses artificial intelligence. Store and product managers can utilize Monetate to guarantee that website visitors see pertinent content.

Insights from Bayesian statistics, statistical significance measures, and form analytics are all included in calculating your campaign’s performance based on several critical indicators. The performance-focused design offers a well-known user interface that is simple to use and several practical tools for ideation, validation, and the delivery of scaled 1-to-1 cross-channel experiences.

  • Pricing: Monetate has customized pricing, so you have to talk with sales.

20: Split


Ecommerce companies can use Split, an advanced and adaptable A/B testing platform, to get comprehensive insights into the performance of their websites. You may be confident you’ll have access to multivariate testing and other sophisticated tests because even programmers can utilize Split to test their applications.

Split is a feature management platform that provides professional support, on-demand learning resources, and a developer-focused culture that supports clients. Change the way the job is done using Split, whether your goals are to improve releases, cut down on MTTR, or inspire your development team without exhausting them.

  • Pricing: Monthly prices begin at $330.

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