12 Best LeetCode Alternatives 2023

Developers and coders need to keep retaining and updating their knowledge and skills. LeetCode is a globally acknowledged platform that provides a space for coders to come and update their technical knowledge and get themselves prepared for potential career opportunities. It gives you questions from various languages like C++, JavaScript, MySQL, and Python for practice.

Despite being overly helpful, this platform has some downsides. This website does not have a lot of video content, making it difficult for beginners to learn. It does not even have specialized lessons for languages like Python and C++, obstructing learning for many. If you face a similar challenge, don’t worry! We have picked several reliable and easy-to-use alternatives to LeetCode.

These alternatives are reliable and offer extensive guidance without any cost. Their interfaces are super-easier for both beginners and experts. You can rely on these platforms to perfect your coding skills and win high-paying jobs in the industry. Also, read Best TinyZone TV Alternatives.

LeetCode - The World's Leading Online Programming Learning Platform

Best LeetCode Alternatives

1: CodeChef


CodeChef is a premier platform that is designed for coders who want to debug their code in the light of expert suggestions and authentic content. This site features lessons and video tutorials for solving problems faced by coders in development. It has solutions to more than three thousand problems with step-by-step guides. You can also connect to their live support by using the chat button to get tailored guidance to deal with your error.

2: CheckiO


CheckiO is an online platform where you can excel in your coding skills through several playful and interactive games that are made to make code easier and more fun. The site specializes in troubleshooting in Python and TypeScript using games. This platform is handy for teachers to be used in classrooms to make coding fun for beginners. You get multiple exciting puzzles to solve and discover incredible tips and solutions for development. Also, read Best Crackstreams Alternatives.

3: Coderbyte


Coderbyt is a platform that organizations use for talent hunting, and coders use it for preparing interviews for career opportunities. Suppose you are a fresh graduate and have expertise in coding. In that case, this platform is a must for you because it increases your technical knowledge and problem-solving ability and exposes you to multiple high-paying internships and key positions in organizations. More importantly, it features a weekly course on Python and JavaScript.

4: HackerPen


HackerPen is another top-notch site that helps you prepare for interviews in the industry. It has an effective code pad and compiler where you can practice coding and find tailored solutions for your problems. If you are one of the persons who face LeetCode problems, HackerPen is there to kill your worry. Apart from allowing you to prepare quizzes and interviews, it also connects employers to you for conducting robust online interviews.

5: Codewars


Codewars uses peer training as its central strategy for allowing coders to perfect coding skills in their desired programming language. There is a simple initiation challenge in order to sign up on the platform. Unlike LeetCode Java and LeetCode SQL, this website uses kata – small coding exercises that you can attempt to improve your coding skills. It keeps you motivated by conferring ranks and honor upon its users on completing exercises.

6: HackerRank


HackerRank is one of the biggest platforms on the internet for hiring a developer and getting hired as one. You can use the site in two simple ways: either you are an employer hunting talent for your organization, or you are a candidate who is preparing and making efforts to get hired by employers there. Many people ask about LeetCode vs. HackerRank, so it is easier to tell them that HackerRank is way more professional and equipped than LeetCode. Also, read Best Vumoo Alternatives.

7: AlgoExpert


AlgoExpert takes its name from the mission to train individuals so that they can pass interviews for coding-related opportunities. It has 160 technical questions to help you test your knowledge and skill for the interview. It offers tips and tricks for all languages, including Go, C#, Java, C++, Swift, Python, Typescript, Kotlin, and JavaScript. If you face any problem with LeetCode Wikipedia and LeetCode Python content, AlgoExpert has got you covered.

8: Topcoder


Topcoder, like HackerRank, connects developers and employers so that the best talent lands in the best organization. From Data Science to Web Development to QA and Testing, Topcoder encompasses everything by providing content for interview preparation and featuring career opportunities for those who reach the pinnacle of expertise. If you are a developer, sign up now and get paid for your tasks. It is a duo of learning and earning for programmers.

9: Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Khan Academy specializes in delivering tailored coding lessons for young learners. If you want to learn the fundamentals of coding and programming, this is the ideal platform for starting your journey into the programming world. Those who ask, “is LeetCode free?” should unburden themselves now because Khan Academy offers more than LeetCode. From well-designed lectures to challenging quizzes, it has everything to take your coding to the next level. Also, read Best Hurawatch Alternatives

10: Talscale


Talscale is an employer-oriented website that makes recruitment for key positions in the coding industry easier and more efficient. It connects employers with the most suitable candidates available on the platform. The site commits that if an employer joins it, within two weeks, he/she will be able to hunt the most suitable candidate for the job. Talscale has way more advanced features like ATS integrated for a better platform experience.

11: Codecademy


Codecademy is a high-ranking online platform committed to providing easier and free-of-cost coding lessons to learners from beginner to advanced levels. If you want to build your career, it guides you about a number of emerging fields in technology and science. If you want to learn a skill, it helps you learn through a robust learning process. Most importantly, it allows you to learn major programming languages with convenience.

12: HackerEarth


HackerEarth aims to connect professional and expert developers with top-ranking companies in the industry. It has over 6 million developers on the platform and millions of employers. If you are a fresh graduate, this is the perfect site for you to enter the world of professional coding. It allows you to learn and compete with other developers and entails the chance of landing in the world’s top-ranking companies. So, sign up today! Also, read Best Youtube2mp3 Alternatives.


Can beginners use LeetCode?

Beginners who love taking challenges can use LeetCode. However, we do not recommend it for beginners since the above-described sites perfectly fit beginners.

Can I use LeetCode for free?

Yes, you can also use LeetCode for free, but you are supposed to get access to limited features. If you want to unlock additional features, a premium subscription is a must.

How is LeetCode different from HackerRank?

LeetCode is confined to providing preparation exercises to candidates who want to exploit career programs. However, HackerRank connects employers with potential coders.

Is Python better than C++ for LeetCode?

LeetCode has many shortcomings. One of its downsides is that it has minimal content for C++, and thus, it becomes less reliable than other alternatives listed above.

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