Top 12 Alternatives to Jungle Scout

You need to use a product search to identify what to offer before you begin to make a ton of money selling your goods on Amazon. After all, you don’t want to start selling any outdated products. You should carefully choose the products you’ll offer on Amazon to ensure they’ll be top sellers. The bottom line is that you will only get the earnings you deserve if they sell well.

If you have an Amazon business and handle all the tasks, you must choose the appropriate products when stocking inventory. The same is true when starting an Amazon because the merchandise you select will determine the success of your enterprise. The top items and keywords for Amazon affiliate marketing are also essential knowledge.

Describe JungleScout

A popular and highly efficient tool for locating Amazon product niches is called Jungle Scout. Despite being a popular internet tool, there are other options. You can use various powerful product research tools to reduce selections and identify marketable product niches.

Some of the resources for product research listed below can be accessed via a platform other than Chrome, an app, or both. The 12 Jungle Scout alternatives offer many valuable sales tools and product research capabilities.

You may have some of the following features included with the product research tool you select, depending on which ones you choose:

  • Researching profitable products
  • Keyword analysis
  • Current products
  • Analyses of research and competition
  • Data from the past
  • Builder and analyzer of listings
  • Search ASIN in reverse
  • FBA profit calculator for Amazon
  • Plus more!

You’ll see in the list below that some of these online tools are free to use, and others have a price. When a fee is assessed, you frequently have the choice of paying yearly or monthly. The company that produces the product research tool may even discount you if you decide to pay annually.

Each tool can be used independently to learn more about a product’s research, or you can test out a few different ones (especially the free ones!) to determine which one best fits your needs.

Alternatives to Jungle Scout that are the best

We’ll get into each tool individually and start with those that stand out from the competition.  

1: Helium 10 


Helium 10 is a worthy Jungle Scout alternative that should be on your radar. With Helium 10, Amazon sellers can quickly learn about various product categories and select the most successful product niches to offer, thanks to the more than a dozen tools.

From the product research you conduct when you first decide to begin an Amazon business to the keyword research you’ll eventually need to conduct to increase traffic to your Amazon store, Helium 10 is a flexible online research tool to use. Also, read Best Allmovieshub Alternatives.

Main Key Features of Helium 10

  • Trends Finder and Inventory Protector
  • Training for Amazon Sellers
  • The processor of keywords Checker of a keyword index
  • Monitoring and Alerts for Product Rank Tracking Listings
  • Email Automation Tool for Financial Analytics Dashboard

Pricing: There are four pricing tiers offered by Helium 10, with the Free plan having a few features and the Diamond plan costing $197 per month. Additionally, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2: Viral Launch


Viral Launch’s Product Discovery tool provides information on unexplored product marketplaces and strategies for outpacing the competition. Additionally, Viral Launch offers a variety of search options, such as keyword, brand, category, and category scan searches; this creates possibilities for product marketing and figuring out how to make your products popular.

Once your research is complete, you may utilize the Listing Builder and Listing Analyzer to maximize your Amazon sales and develop into the best-rounded vendor.

Main Key Features of Viral Launch:

  • Product discovery and research
  • Keyword research and tracking
  • Listing optimization
  • Market intelligence and competitor tracking
  • Automated PPC campaign management
  • Split testing (A/B testing)

Pricing: Viral Launch offers three pricing levels, starting at $58 per month for the Essentials tier and going up to $166 per month for the Pro Plus Ads plan. They also offer a 14-day risk-free trial.

3: AMZScout


AMZScout should be a solid option if you seek a Jungle Scout substitute that resembles Jungle Scout. The two have a lot of characteristics in standard across nine online marketplaces.

First, Jungle Scout offers AMZ Scout in two formats: a web app and a Chrome extension. It also has a distinctive concentration on seller education, providing several video courses and how-to manuals for succeeding on Amazon; this makes it especially suitable for newcomers to the ecommerce industry.

Main Key Features of AMZScout

  • Product analysis
  • Keyword monitoring and analysis
  • Google Chrome extension for rapid research
  • Materials for training new dealers
  • Trend updates and product suggestions

Pricing: All the above capabilities are included in AMZScout’s $49 monthly Seller’s Bundle, along with optional extras like a mentor call and a dedicated Chrome extension for dropshipping and retail arbitrage.

4: AMZ Tracker


The 360-degree selling method used by AMZ Tracker is well-known. It essentially consists of a systematic framework that includes surveillance, defensive, and offensive-optimized provisions to empower FBA sellers by assisting them in improving the caliber of their overall efficiency, the ranking of their pages, and the visibility of their products.

AmzTracker is a dependable and adaptable tool for Amazon sellers wishing to expand and scale their businesses thanks to its simple UI and rich feature set. This all-encompassing platform provides a variety of services that address different facets of an Amazon seller’s journey. Also, read Best Youtube2mp3 Alternatives.

Main Key Features of AMZ Tracker:

  • Tracking of sales and keywords
  • Product analysis
  • Listing enhancement
  • Review management and monitoring
  • Management of discounts and promotions

Pricing: AmzTracker has four pricing tiers, with the Basic plan starting at $50 per month and the Legend plan costing $400. For new customers, they also provide a 7-day free trial.

5: Perpetua


Perpetua is an all-in-one Amazon seller solution that integrates several capabilities, such as product research, keyword tracking, and inventory management, to help you manage and optimize your Amazon business. Their primary focus is on ad research and optimization, which they provide in addition to Amazon for Instacart, Walmart, and Target.

Perpetua is one of our list’s best suppliers, offering several innovative offerings like automatic video ad generation and sophisticated e-commerce business analytics tools.

Main Key Features of Perpetua

  • Research on products and keywords
  • Listing enhancement
  • Inventory control
  • Management of PPC
  • Review management and monitoring
  • Automated production of video ads

Pricing: Perpetua provides several packages according to your monthly advertising spending. The $250/month Starter tier limits your monthly ad expenditure to $5,000. Additionally, it only works with one retail media platform.

6: AmazeOwl


AmazeOwl is a comprehensive Amazon product research tool that assists you in discovering goods to sell as well as a host of other tasks. With AmazeOwl, you may learn about current best-sellers, upcoming top-sellers, low-shipping products, and products with a lot of competition.

Additionally, you can take a closer look at your rivals’ products and sales performance. You can choose items for your Amazon store that will sell well after considering all of this information.

Main Key Features of AmazeOwl

  • Product research and development
  • Keyword tracking and research
  • Analyzing the market and monitoring competitors
  • Listing enhancement

Pricing: AmazeOwl offers a starter package, which is unrestricted, called Starter. You can select the Growth plan for $12.99 per month or the Established plan for $19.99 per month (both options are billed annually) for a more comprehensive AmazeOwl experience. Also, read Best Hurawatch Alternatives.

7: Keepa 


Keepa is my number one recommended tool for all merchants, even though it doesn’t completely replace Jungle Scout—one of the essential resources for researching Amazon products. Depending on the criteria you enter in your search, Keepa will locate the appropriate items for your selling needs as an app or Chrome extension.

You can focus your search results on the product information you need for upcoming store sales. To ensure that the results are current and pertinent, Keepa will track and match products, delivering information on the newest products available.

Main Key Features of Keepa:

  • History of prices 
  • Review counts for both new and used items
  • Details about collectibles
  • Warehouse and other offers
  • Category information
  • Best Seller listings
  • Sales rankings

Pricing: Your monthly Keepa subscription will run for $17.50. It was formerly free, but they’ve now concluded it’s worth something (they may want WAY more, but let’s hope they don’t).

8: Seller Labs – eCommerce Solutions for Amazon


Seller Labs, a software and services provider, provides ecommerce solutions for companies with Amazon sales. These include tools for managing Amazon advertising, product research, review management, inventory, and coaching and consulting services for Amazon sellers.

Entrepreneurs can create and expand their Amazon stores with the aid of Seller Labs—such a product Concentrates on the precise measurements and data necessary for your brand. Learn how to use Seller Labs Technology to reach individuals with the correct goods at the right moment, when it counts most, to maximize your competitive edge.

Main Key Features of Seller Labs 

  • Research on products and keywords
  • Listing enhancement
  • Inventory control
  • Advertising administration
  • Review management and monitoring

Pricing: Three pricing tiers are available from Seller Labs, with the Launch plan starting at $49 per month and the Enterprise plan at $299. In addition, they provide tailored pricing for more significant sellers.

9: BigTracker


BigTracker is becoming more and more well-liked among Amazon merchants. It was created to aid users in conducting competition research and choosing appropriate product areas. Due to this, it competes with Jungle Scout regarding data accuracy, product database, and sales analysis.

Not only that, either. It continues by keeping track of product offers, reviews, and Q&A as additional criteria to support thorough competitor analysis and assist you in selecting promising products to sell. Then, as a cherry on top, it has a specialized calculator that can perform reverse profit evaluations.

Main Key Features of BigTracker:

  • Deals tracker for monitoring rival promos.
  • Track competitors’ performance
  • The top 100 on determine the bestselling items.
  • Comparison of products for measuring sales metrics
  • Customized email alerts notify you when appropriate.
  • Setting groups are used to handle different managed product trackers.

Pricing: Most of these features start at $25 per month for the most basic package. The most supplied bundle costs $100 monthly, while the midrange option offers more for $50.

10: Teikametrics


Teikametrics is an online application and AI-powered Amazon seller tool specializing in improving your advertising campaigns through keyword research, bid management, performance analytics, and other methods.

Additionally, the platform provides tools for optimizing advertising to assist sellers in managing their Amazon PPC campaigns and maximizing their ROI and sales rank. The first marketplace optimization platform, Teikametrics Flywheel, links and optimizes key e-commerce business processes, such as advertising, inventory, and market information, all in one location. Also, read Best Vumoo Alternatives.

Main key features of Teikametrics:

  • AI-driven optimization of advertising
  • Keyword tracking and research
  • Management of bids
  • Analyses of performance
  • Inventory control

Pricing: Teikametrics offers a Basic free plan with few capabilities, but its (much more expensive) AI-powered plan, which starts at $199 per month for companies spending up to $5,000 per month on advertising, is where the real magic happens.

11: CamelCamelCamel


Popular, easy-to-use, and clever price tracking application CamelCamelCamel notifies you anytime a product’s price changes and displays the entire price history of all items sold on Amazon. A Chrome plugin called CamelCamelCamel focuses on displaying price decreases and sales graphs for you. Most vendors have it set up.

Although it’s not exactly a replacement for Jungle Scout, having it loaded on your Chrome browser is relatively standard. In addition to this, the tool aids in your continued knowledge of current product prices and pricing patterns.

Main key features of CamelCamelCamel

  • Alerts for Price Drop and Availability
  • Price Chart History
  • Import of a Wishlist
  • Supports Amazon locations

Pricing: Based on the tracking requirements, you will see three different price kinds: Third Party New, Third Party Used, and Amazon prices. Either one or all three can be tracked.

12: Zonguru


Zonguru is an all-in-one solution for Amazon sellers that provides a full range of keyword tracking, listing optimization, and product research functions. They recently made ChatGPT integration available, enabling businesses to create cost-free AI-generated product listings.

One of Zonguru’s exciting features is its Easy Source feature, which works with Alibaba and aids sellers in locating trustworthy producers for their goods.

Main key features of Zonguru

  • Research on products and keywords
  • Listing management and optimization
  • Tracking of sales and profits
  • Review, monitoring, and control of inventory

Pricing: Zonguru provides four pricing tiers, with the Researcher plan (perfect for new sellers) starting at $24 per month and the Seller plan at $38 per month. There is also a 14-day free trial available.

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