12 Best HesGoal Alternatives 2023

HesGoal is a top-notch sports streaming website that covers diverse sports events across the United Kingdom. The site has been in the limelight for its free and seamless streaming experience. Until now, the site has succeeded in providing affordable and accessible sports coverage to users on the premises of their homes. However, there have been rising reports about the possible blocking of HesGoal in the coming months. The reason for this banning will possibly be the plea of the Premier League against Cloudflare in the US courts.

It is anticipated that the viewers will have to face inconvenience in the coming time. Before its banning, we have decided to search for alternatives you can rely on. These alternative platforms not only provide the same level of service in terms of quality and accessibility but are also affordable. So, you won’t have to worry about excessive ads or expensive subscriptions. These platforms have been reviewed by users for their high-definition video quality and uninterrupted streaming. So, enjoy your favorite events! Also, read Best Allmovieshub Alternatives.

Best HesGoal Alternatives

1: ESPN+


Many people think that ESPN does not offer an online streaming facility. However, ESPN+ stands among the premier online sports streaming platforms. With its smooth interface and continuous streaming, ESPN+ features all your favorite sports events and TV shows on one single screen. You can subscribe to ESPN+ for as low as $6.99 per month. This meager amount is nothing when it allows you to watch NFL, F1, IPL, Premier League, FIFA, and many more.

2: Peacock


Peacock is a top-notch streaming platform that allows you to watch live news, sports, movies, and current hits. You can subscribe to the service for just $4.99 per month. Even the starting plan starts free, just like on a trial basis. After that, you have to buy the premium plan. If you are looking for a website to watch Premier League, NFL, F1, or many other football leagues, Peacock has got you covered. So, please don’t wait and buy Peacock because it’s truly worth it!

3: fuboTV


fuboTV is a premier streaming service with over 230 live TV channels. This does not require a physical device to catch signals and stream channels in your home. Rather, this is entirely a modern way of watching TV channels using the internet. You also get DVR storage to keep a record of your watch sessions. fuboTV is relatively expensive, but it’s really worth spending on. Its subscription is available for $64.99 per month. Also, read Best Youtube2mp3 Alternatives.

4: YouTube TV


Have you ever wondered if you can also watch sports channels on YouTube to watch your favorite sports events? Whether you are an NFL fan or a FIFA freak, or an F1 geek, YouTube has rolled out its YouTube TV, which has more than 80 channels that are streamed live in the highest video resolution. It has unlimited DVR storage and can enjoy three concurrent streams across devices. It is available for just $64.99 per month. Share the same subscription to divide the budget!


If you cannot afford any of the above-described sites, we have also picked some fully free-of-cost options for you. is a reliable and safe site to watch sports events live without paying a single penny. You have to visit their website and click your relevant category to get a sequence of ongoing and upcoming matches and tournaments. It has more than ten categories, ranging from football to volleyball to NFL to NBA to F1.

6: DStv Now

 DStv Now

DStv Now is not only altogether free as, since it requires a meager amount as its subscription fee. This fee is put in to avoid unnecessary traffic to the site so that the streaming is not interrupted. DStv Now also allows you to install its app, which is available for both Android and iOS. So, you can watch right from your mobile phone while traveling or driving. The site comes with a straightforward interface with more than fifteen sports categories to choose from. Also, read Best Hurawatch Alternatives

7: BeIN Sports

BeIN Sports

BeIN Sports comes as an affordable streaming facility for viewers across the globe. Suppose you seek a safe and legal platform to watch football tournaments and leagues, including Premier League, Europa League, etc. In that case, BeIN Sports is the perfect place to satisfy your urge for football. There are multiple subscription plans available on the site. You can choose the one that befits your needs. We assure you won’t regret buying a plan from them!

8: NBC Sports

 NBC Sports

NBC Sports is an international sports channel you can access after paying a meager subscription. You can also download its Android or iOS app to watch directly from your mobile phone. If you were using HesGoal Pro or HesGoal live stream APK, the most suitable alternative you will find is this platform. NBC Sports is user-friendly, easy to use, and offers only high-quality streams with zero buffering rates. So, catch out on your favorite league today! Also, read Best Vumoo Alternatives.

9: Sky Sports

 Sky Sports

You may have heard or seen its name, but Sky Sports is one of the leading sports channels in the world. Sky Sports cover every major sports event worldwide, from football to cricket. Moreover, it also features F1 online. You have to visit the site and join the stream. For people who complain that HesGoal Twitter or HesGoal ENT is not working, Sky Sports has covered them with its full-fledged streaming facility.

10: Fox Sports

Fox Sports

Fox Sports is an offshoot of the international media group, the Fox Broadcasting Company. Available in both web and mobile application versions for both Android and iOS, Fox Sports streams cricket, football, basketball, NFL, NBA, and many other sports. Either you visit their website or download their mobile application to watch your favorite events on the go. If you think of HesGoal seized, Fox Sports is there to make you never miss HesGoal. Also, read Best Crackstreams Alternatives.

11: BT Sport

BT Sport

BT Sport is a free-of-cost platform that specializes in Moto GP races and rugby. However, it also streams football and cricket matches. It has a large worldwide viewership for its free and uninterrupted streaming service. You won’t have to face any difficulty while streaming online. So, catch out all famous football leagues and cricket tournaments by ICC on BT Sport. It also offers golf to cover the loss of HesGoal golf streaming!

12: Hotstar


Hotstar is one of the most underrated websites that offer sports streaming online. The site’s only downside is that it is India-oriented and thus does not allow coverage in some corners of the world. However, you can still check if the site works in your region. It is completely legit and amazing. You can watch matches and tournaments for hours without worrying about connection issues. So, Indian fans should have this as the best alternative to this. Also, read Best Kissmovies Alternatives.


Which site is better than HesGoal?

Many sites are better than HesGoal in one way or the other. For example, the sites mentioned above are way better than HesGoal.

What site is similar to HesGoal? and DStv Now are the most similar sites to HesGoal. If you use any of these sites, you will feel like watching HesGoal.

Which site can I watch football live?

Nearly all of the sites mentioned above stream football leagues and tournaments worldwide.

Where can I find free football streams?

You can find free football streams on websites like, DStv Now, BT Sport, BeIN Sports, and many others – some of which are described above.

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