Dumpor Instagram Story Viewer Review (2023)

Dumpor is a platform where you can view someone’s Instagram, download their stories and posts, and check out statistics for free. This is a very safe platform for people looking to View Instagram anonymously or who just need an Instagram story viewer. In the blog, we are gonna cover almost every aspect related to Dumpor if you are wondering how it can be helpful to you. 


We all know that the algorithms of social media platforms shift a lot; we all know how Instagram changes the algorithms and how much hashtags are important for reaching people on Instagram. We covered Dumpor in a way to give analysis as if it is still the best option as an Instagram profile viewer. Also, read about Mymerill Login.

What Is Dumpor?

Dumpor is an analyzer that works on the algorithm of calculating statistics of your account. It can also work for someone else’s account too. It can help you in the analysis of how much your account is popular and doing good on Instagram. You can also check out the content range of other people’s Instagram, which can help you grow yours. However, this is not it. Dumpor will help you to get a lot of content ideas, followers, locations, hashtags, etc. Even when you are on Dumpor, you can download photos and videos for free, which is not allowed on Instagram. This will help you to make a comparison with your competitors and your fellows on Instagram. 

Dumpor Reviews

We studied the Dumpor website, and there were no options for putting reviews on them. Then we moved our research to Dumpor Reddit and other groups where people are actually using Dumpor Instagram story Viewer. 

Most people find dumpor very efficient and easy to use. People who want to search on Instagram anonymously use the tool, and they think it’s satisfactory. 

Some people also think that Dumpor is violating the privacy of the users as they will allow you to download stories that are removed from public accounts. But the other opinion is what, on public accounts, is there to watch. 

People really like that Dumpor Instagram story Viewer doesn’t ask you to give access to their Instagram accounts or create an ID or something. 

Business account holders find it way more useful because it helps them to check out the analysis of their competitors, which is good for finding new hashtags and ideas for posting and sharing according to the trends. Also, read Best Hurawatch Alternatives.

How Does It Work?

Dumpor Insta Viewer is a tool that will help you to get access to millions of public Instagram accounts right from your desktop or phone using any browser. You can see the tagged pictures, bio, hashtags, and stories, literally almost everything. When you use simple Instagram, it will not allow you to download any pictures, stories, and videos, but when you are using Dumpor, it will help you not just to download, but you can even download and view public accounts when they remove their stories or posts. There is a restriction here that Dumpor only works for the accounts which are public; they do not give access to private or restricted accounts. 

How To Use It?

Using Dumpor Instagram profile viewer is pretty easy for everyone who just knows a bit about browsing and social media. There is no app for Dumpor on Playstore, but you can directly use it from your browser. Here are the steps you have to take.

  • Open the browser on your laptop or phone. 
  • Search Dumpor Instagram story viewer or Instagram profile viewer, and then click on the website.
  • After that, put the name of the account you want to search for, and it will help you to view Instagram anonymously. 
  • When you click the search button, you will find details of their posts, stories, timing, hashtags, locations, and whatever you want.
  • After this, you can click on any story or post you want to download and even download it on your phone or desktop device. 

Is It Safe To Use?

Well, this is we can say the most important question of the article, is Dumpor safe to use? Well, according to different platforms that are studying that either the website is trustable or not, they declared Dumpor a trustable one. The reason behind the Dumpor safety is quite general. When you use the Dumpor platform, you do not have to put in any logins, any Instagram account, or anything else. It works to View Instagram anonymously without revealing who you are. As you are not giving your Instagram account, you are in a safe zone. 

What To Do If Dumpor Doesn’t Work?

Multiple reasons can cause Dumpor to stop working. Maybe the Dumpor is down due to the overload on the website, or maybe the server might crash at the moment. Try reloading multiple times, and this might solve your problem. If the problem persists and Dumpor doesn’t work for a long time, it may be blocked in your area, or you should try some alternatives. Most of the common reasons behind Dumpor are down because when people accuse them of violating the privacy of different accounts.

In some cases, Dumpor doesn’t work because you are searching for private Instagram accounts. Also, read Best Crackstreams Alternatives.

Dumpor Alternative

Every website on the internet faces issues, so as Dumpor does. If the dumor’s down or you are looking for some Dumpor Alternative Reddit, here are some of the great options down there. They are pretty good when you are facing issues with Dumpor or are unable to find the website. People usually search for Dumpor alternatives like picuki, imginn, creation, and others available online. They pretty much do the same work as Dumpor. 

1: Picuki:

Everything You Need to Know About Picuki and Its Alternatives

One of the top-rated, popular Instagram story viewers, which is not only easy to use but also available when you get dumpor down. The platform is totally free to use, and you can search profiles, hashtags, and much of everything. 

2: Imginn:

What is Imginn | The TechRim

When you are searching for Dumpor alternatives on Reddit, these ones come on top. Imginn is very much trusted to view Instagram profiles anonymously. They allow you to even download stories, posts, and other content. 

3: Greatfon:

GreatFon alternative site! Insta-use without an account!

Greatfon is an easily available website where you can search on Instagram anonymously. Another best thing about this Dumpor alternative Reddit is that it will allow you to search not only by the Instagram name but also by location, tag, etc. 


Beyond all the Dumpor Reddit alternatives, some of them are mentioned above. There are also many Instagram story viewers on the internet, like StoriesIG, AiGrow, InstaStories, etc. They are also good to use when Dumpor is unavailable, or you are not reaching it. While using all of them, keep in mind that you should not log in to your Instagram account or link your Instagram account to any of the websites for privacy and security concerns. 


Is Dumpor Safe to use? 

Yes, the simple answer is it’s secure and respects your privacy. You don’t have to attach your email or Instagram account. 

Can we use Dumpor for searching private networks of Instagram?

Dumpor works only on public accounts or IDs, and it does not work for viewing private or restricted accounts on Instagram. 

Does Dumpor need an Instagram account?

No, Dumpor does not ask you to create an Instagram account or attach an Instagram account. This is the best feature of the website.  

How Much Does Dumpor Cost?

Dumpor is a free Instagram Story Viewer. It helps you to view people’s Instagram stories anonymously.

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