15 Best Websites like CartoonCrazy – You Should Check Out in 2023

There are many lovers of cartoons worldwide since watching cartoons while passing the time is entertaining. Additionally, anyone of any age can enjoy watching cartoons while relaxing on a couch. Many admirers of cartoons would like to view cartoons, films, and collections online for nothing. You may search for your favorite cartoons on various free websites. We will go over the CartoonCrazy website or its alternatives in detail.

What is Cartoon Crazy?

On CartoonCrazy, many people enjoy watching cartoons and anime. This website specializes in streaming high-quality cartoons and dubbed anime, and its content library contains up to 25000 episodes from various genres. CartoonCrazy also provides a comparatively squeaky-free and less upsetting streaming experience. Pop-up ads are typically not an issue when the recording is playing.

Why did Cartooncrazy stop existing?

 Due to its never-ending selection of anime-based entertainment, Cartoon Crazy once held the top rank. However, most of its content was obtained illegally, causing the site to close formally. It still runs on a few mirror sites, but its popularity has declined recently.

15 Best Websites like CartoonCrazy

There are still many websites like CartoonCrazy to provide you with similar cartoon streaming services, which has disappointed many people worldwide despite CartoonCrazy’s closure. You may watch thousands of cartoon episodes for free from the comfort of your couch using these CartoonCrazy alternatives. Let’s investigate them.

1: KimCartoon


If you’re a die-hard cartoon fan, offers older and more contemporary cartoons. It is widely believed that KimCartoon is the actual website of KissCartoon, a former industry heavyweight. Kisscartoon and CartoonCrzy are the best options for cartoon television shows and movies. With its simple navigation system, KimCartoon lets you browse more than 5,000 series and sort cartoons by popularity, update frequency, and alphabet. You can also use powerful search options to discover cartoons efficiently. Also, read Best Optimizely Alternatives

2: KissCartoon


One of the most significant websites CartoonCrazy, is KissCartoon, which allows visitors to view the latest episodes of their preferred animated series without registering. You won’t get bored watching cartoons on the site because it allows users to do so for free in HD quality. This website’s content is updated once a week, allowing you to access the most recent and updated stuff routinely. Additionally, you are free to consume a variety of containers. Its user-friendly layout allows you to access your favorite cartoons easily.

3: Animeland


Visit Animeland if you’re seeking a website that is comparable to If you want to avoid watching subtitled anime, it is dedicated to English dubs, making it an excellent option. Additionally, this website gives a vast selection of great movies in other dubbed versions. Additionally, it has a fantastic streaming service with cartoons in 1080p definition. Even better, there is a vast library of material available for free. The website has the best and most user-friendly user interface. You can choose the stream speed when streaming any cartoon on the website. If not, your connection’s speed will be automatically changed when streaming.

4: 9anime


The best place to watch an anime movie or collection is 9anime. It is a well-known system, and you may get many features to watch cartoons online with just a few clicks. It offers the best HD-quality anime-watching experience available online. Additionally, you can register for an account on this website and enjoy streaming videos like Cartoon Crazy alternatives while watching all your favorite anime or animations without pop-up ads or interruptions. Newly released videos participating in the upload session will also be included in the list of daily episodes.

5: Gogo Anime


 If you’re looking for high-quality cartoon streaming services that don’t cost a thing, Gogo Anime is the place to go. With thousands of cartoons and series available, it is one of the biggest online streaming sites for cartoons in the globe. The popularity of Gogo Anime among those who enjoy viewing cartoons is mainly because it has less advertising, a faster, more secure streaming service, and the latest and updated episodes. They offer endless animated programs and the most recent anime films. Also, read Klwap Alternatives.

6: Anime Suge


Anime Suge is one of the most well-known websites for streaming anime. It’s a fantastic anime website with a vast collection that includes a variety of popular Asian anime series and US-based children’s cartoons. Additionally, it is extending its reach to include Chinese anime and internationally dubbed cartoons. Given that our website is accessible from anywhere worldwide, you can access various streaming content. You can realize the anime’s full potential by searching its content directory and looking for the anime or episodes you choose.

7: WatchCartoonOnline


TheWatchCartoonOnline.TV is a prominent free cartoon website. It also features a sizable selection of subbed anime, making it more than just a promised land for lovers of dubbed anime. On this website, you can find more anime categories, from classics to popular series, Japanese anime to Chinese, and theWatchCartoonOnline.TV provides a reliable video player with rapid and fluid video playback. There are no pop-ups or advertisements before or while streaming video. On computers and portable devices, TheWatchCartoonOnline.TV’s acceptable SD and HD quality look sharp.  

8: Disney Junior


Disney Junior is the best website to visit if you want to watch anime online for free. Although it is simple, the website’s layout is appealing. You may view a variety of Disney animations online during this time. However, despite being blocked in many nations, this website is accessible in India. Additionally, since no intrusive advertisements appear every time you watch something online, you might watch it online. Disney Junior users may easily find their favorite animes and browse the site. You can also do so since there are no intrusive ads when you view it online.

9: Chia Anime

Chia Anime

Chia anime is popular with viewers who prefer free access to various movies, TV shows, and other media. You will also get English subtitles and enhanced dubbing. Additionally, it serves as a venue for binge-watching for manga fans. As a result, followers now choose to communicate in English. Additionally, individuals of all ages think this website is fantastic. It would help if you were informed that it contains much advertising. It can be not very pleasant to see so much advertising on your screen. Also, read Best Jungle Scout Alternatives.

10: Anime Toon

Anime Toon

One of the most popular websites where you can watch anime for free online has a lot of animated cartoon series and movies. This website is called Anime Toon. They also offer you a variety of categories for computer animation, including action, humor, adventure, and criminal activity, as well as the best alternatives to Cartoon Crazy. It runs over a hundred computer animation applications and watches all the movies and animations on this website. Besides that, you can also look at the anime section of our website. Last but not least, you will receive streaming recommendations when looking for the anime video you want.

11: Animeheaven


You can go to Animeheaven to watch cartoons at home. It constructs an enjoyable and fantastical world for anime and cartoons. This website strives to give users access to all the most recent cartoon episodes in high definition before anybody else can. Additionally, it has earned a reputation as a platform specializing in anime-based content, which has delighted fans. There is little doubt about Animeheaven’s services overall, and the cartoons there are generally of good quality. You’ll also notice that movies frequently use “English” in their titles.

12: Cartoonito


 In addition to CartoonCrazy, Cartoonito is a great place to watch cartoons. This website is accessible on various platforms, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Thanks to its straightforward user design, you can browse the website to choose the cartoon that best suits your needs. Additionally, no intrusive pop-up advertisements give customers a pure cartoon-watching experience. This alternative is the finest website for your children because it has many entertaining and informative movies, shows, games, and other pre-school-age activities. Cartoonito is one of the best Cartoon Crazy alternatives to stream famous cartoons. Also, read Best ThopTV Alternatives.

13: WatchFree


The excellent WatchFree Regardless of your favorite cartoons or television shows, you will undoubtedly visit the website frequently. The WatchFree catalog is regularly updated, ensuring you get your daily serving of new movies. Although WatchFree doesn’t have its database, each image is linked from somewhere else, giving you multiple options for the same movie. We spent ten minutes exploring the website and encountered no pop-ups or advertisements. The navigation is swift and straightforward.

14: Fmovies


Another well-liked website to watch cartoons online without charge is Fmovies, which has a good selection of movies in various genres. We can see that Niter is particularly interested in new films because the main page has a separate section devoted to recently added movies and another section for upcoming movies. High-quality movies have all the necessary information about them shown correctly. Niter’s abundance of advertisements is its lone drawback. A new tab with a few advertisements and many cartoon flicks like Cartoon Crazy opens almost with every mouse click.

15: Anime Rhino

Anime Rhino

Most anime streaming websites are blocked for copyright violations or other legal reasons. On the other hand, Anime Rhino is a trustworthy, safe, and secure website for cartoons. Download a ton of material from their websites, which contain an incredible selection of episodes from the 2000s. This website once ranked among the best for streaming anime. Although technical difficulties caused the site’s relocation, it has since moved to a new domain and is now accessible with all the pre-loaded material.

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