11 Best WordPress Analytics Solutions In 2023

Today we’ll cover the best analytics solutions for WordPress users. Analytics tools can help you learn how many visitors are coming to your website, where they’re coming from, what they’re doing on your site so you don’t have to rely on best guesses. So if you’re ready, let’s dive in number 1.

1 : Monster insight.

It is the most popular analytics plugin for WordPress used by over three million websites. What monster insights David allows you to connect your WordPress site with Google analytics, both version 3 and version for. So you can Get the best of both things and then it helps you bring those reports back to your WordPress dashboard. So you can see the stats that matter, right? When you need, it is sub. Trying to figure out how to find that beta. I really believe that you can’t improve what you can’t measure and monster insights really helps you get the stats that matter.

So you can make data-driven decisions to grow your business. I had this plug-in built so we can set up all the right kind of tracking for our website and now monster inside makes that super easy for any beginner. There are non Tech user who can just set it up with just a few clicks.

You can see your top ranking articles, your top pages, your, which countries is the most popular, you know, which is the top. Referring source for your traffic, how are people finding your site? You can even connect to the global Commerce and, and other e-commerce platforms member. Press learned, I have the course platforms. It has a forum tracking add-on that lets you see how your contact forms are working. It even has a real-time analytics data so it shows everything Right there inside your WordPress dashboard. Now recently, what monster insights has done is it has launched a popular post?

Add on that. Lets you see all of the popular posts and allow you to display them on the site. So you can increase your page views reduce pound straight. It also works with your popular woo commerce product monitoring sites also comes with the EU compliance add-on, which is a privacy compliance that on that. Lets you comply with GDPR CCPA and other privacy regulations and it works with all of the various You plugins to make Google analytics compliant with WordPress. So if all that is important for you, that’s why I would say. Monster in sight is the number one and let’s plug in my list.

2. Exact metrics :

Exact metrics in this is one of the top, Google analytics plug-ins for WordPress, many beginners. They tend to have a hard time, understanding Google, analytics reports and so exact metrics takes that concern out in that confusion out and they make them easy to understand all from within your WordPress dashboard there. Beautiful reports right from Within your admin area.

Then it also includes demographics, reports enhanced link tracking. You can all do also do affiliate link tracking, real-time reports, and so much more. That’s why exact metrics is number 2 for our Affiliates tools.

3 : Google Analytics :

Google Analytics is the leading analytic platform and in the, on the web, the both of the first two plugins that we talked about helps you connect Google analytics with WordPress if you don’t want to use a Third-party plug-in.

You can just go sign up with Google analytics yourself and then take that code and do all the hard coding work to put it in on your website. You can also use another free plug-in called, insert headers and Footers to add the script on your website as well. But again, Google analytics shows you all the data that you need, you can have to familiarize yourself with their dashboard because it doesn’t bring the data to your WordPress site. But again, it’s the most commonly use analytics plug-in and it will be crazy if we don’t mention it in the top three.

4. Heap :

Heap is a powerful website Analytics tool. It lets you code lawlessly capture data for every click tap change, swipe and Page views. It comes with Advanced behavioral data that lets you deeply analyzed website traffic basically it’s made for people who love data analytics and stats and it makes it possible to generate custom reports views and tracking. For e-commerce websites, Heap offers Advanced attribution conversion rate optimization that just means We who’s the reason why this conversion rate happened and they also do faster reports user tracking, for not just acquisition, but long-term value of your eCommerce store.

5. WP statistics :

WP statistics to allow you to filter the data. According to browser version, visitors, country, Search keywords, IP pages and more. It can also automatically email send you email reports of how your website is performing. The big downside about this plug-in is that it stores has all the data on your WordPress database.

So after aperiod oftime, this may increase your WordPress backup side. Also, if your website is quite popular, then this may impact your performance and slow down your site. But for smaller sites who don’t want their data to be stored in any third-party server, then WP statistics is the way to go.

6. Crazy Egg :

Crazy egg is one of the oldest analytic Solutions out there. It basically shows you where your visitors are clicking on your site. This She’s known as heat mapping and it just lets you see and visualize where your users are interacting on your site as they’re scrolling down the page. Now other than heat mapping. It also shows you how far the users scroll down your page so you can analyze the content on your website.

That’s what means if your most important item that you want them to see is below this area, then you can move it up further or do something else to get them to scroll further down on the page there. Confetti tool allows you to segment the clicks into referrals. Sources Search terms and things like that.

They also offer a be testing tool, which will pick the right color font image based on the user stats that they see and this will help you make data-driven. And this will help you make data-driven actions for your website’s design and landing pages.

7. Mixpanel :

Mixpanel lets you add real-time event tracking for your various campaigns and areas on your website. It is available for both websites as well as mobile apps, and fasts apps. It’s quite popular common. If you were running a web app to use book, mixpanel on both the admin dashboard as well. Your website it also allows you to create funnels to attract customers and increase conversions.

The pricing is actually based on the actions. People take on your website and app so this could get quite expensive. This is why it’s not really a common choice for Publishers. It’s really a choice. If you’re running a app and a software business along with your website, you can connect all the data in one.

8. Mutomo :

Mutomo is a free self hosted open source analytics solution for your website’s. It was something that if you wanted to set it all up yourself, you could they also have a premium Cloud hosted version. Also offer user-centric insights data protection, custom and extensive analytics reports. And more you can use it on Enterprise level if you want and Mutomo support team, they are actively help you configure the analytics platform for your site, you can also use their mobile app, so you can display Play the statistics right from your phone.

9. Woopera :

Woopera is another web analytics solutions that offer real-time statistics and track users to the individual level. If focused on customer Trends, retention segmentation and more you can use the create funnels and monitor was stopping your users from taking action on your website will provide the WordPress plug-in that makes the integration super easy again. It’s an alternative to Google analytics, some people like using it. It’s worthy of checking out. If you don’t want to use Google Analytics.

10. StatCounter :

StatCounter is a plug-in that lets you connect your WordPress site to stat counter service. its cloud-based web site, stats counter that offers a basic web statistics service. There’s not a whole lot that you’re saying but you can follow the reports for your traffic sources, visitor locations, browsers and more. It’s easy to use. But like I said, it Advanced. It lacks Advanced features that you can get from other analytics solutions. For example, your eCommerce tracking affiliate, link, tracking goals and events tracking and more. Those will be better. In something like monster.

11. Jetpack :

Jetpack is one of the most popular WordPress plugins that have some basic stats in the WordPress dashboard. You can use this plug-in only on self-hosted WordPress site. As long as you connect with, that means you’re sending all of your data to It’s free is good option for small blocks, but the data that gives you a very very minimal just like number 10 solution that we mentioned. Stat counter jetpack is very very limited in the insights that it shows.

As you, if you’re looking to grow a professional blog and you want data like event tracking, e-commerce conversion tracking and so on, you’re better off going with Google analytics and monitoring sites and one of the advanced Solutions, but we couldn’t really make a list about analytics plugin for WordPress and not mention jetpack. Now, you know, the best analytics tools out there, make sure youwatch this video next as Iwalk you through step-by-step on how to install and configure Google analytics for your website and I’ll see youover there.

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